Dear Grandfathers,

I took a day trip to a quaint and lively little town named Bisbee, AZ founded in 1880. Shortly after entering the town I parked my car at a visitor lookout lot to peer through the chain link fence that encloses the ghostly Lavender Pit and ponder my grandfathers. The open pit mine ceased operation... Continue Reading →

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American Dream

There was no white picket fence and the 2.4 children didn't show up either. This afternoon  I joyfully handed the keys to a happily married couple that share 3 children. All of whom were aware that today we were closing on their (new to them) home out in the country. The kids were all in... Continue Reading →

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Dare To Live Life Fully

Ever feel like you aren't living life as it was meant to be lived? If you're like me then sometimes you may stop and wonder. You attract what you put out so the next time you feel like wallowing in your own misery remind yourself. Each day commit to be a better person than you... Continue Reading →

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It creeps in like the grey clouds on the horizon, on a hot summer day, monsoon season in the desert. A feeling that starts out like a sprinkle in the midst of some dusty air. I try to run from it but as always I'm engulfed in a haboob of melancholy. I don't want these... Continue Reading →

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Tall Ships Chicago 2016

While sightseeing on a trip to Chicago to see the Cubs play last July, I unintentionally stumbled upon the Tall Ships festival at the Navy Pier. I managed take some photographs before heading to the airport to catch a flight back home. Pride of Baltimore II is a 1812-era reproduction. It's mission is to promote Maryland's... Continue Reading →

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Ms. Indiana Jones

  Who do you want to be when you grow up? It's one of the first questions your start asking yourself as a child.  Sometimes it even carries on into adulthood. I think I might have an idea now and I've been grown up for quite some time. Most children when answering this question most... Continue Reading →

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Before I could smile one more time Before I could hear joy carried over in the wind Before I could feel happiness with the sunrise Before I could feel love with the sunset Close your eyes and just be in the moment For the sun will shine bright on you tomorrow Your song will be... Continue Reading →

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Love Breaks Down Walls

  I met up with my family on a rare and gloomy Arizona Sunday afternoon to celebrate my brother's birthday at a local restaurant. I was greeted by lots of smiling familiar faces that seemed to add color to my dreary Sunday. There was a seat saved for me somewhere in the middle of a... Continue Reading →

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Hi world it’s me!

First blog postHi there! It's me, Marissa from Arizona who decided to start writing so I can grow as person, share experiences, learn more about myself and the world I call home. I'm used to working hard but the biggest misconception about me is probably that everything appears to come to me so easily. That... Continue Reading →

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