You’ve come a long way, baby

I’m hoping that the title of my blog holds true when I visit the UK this summer. I’ve wanted to visit London for quite some time but it only came to fruition recently when on a whim I purchased some concert tickets to see the Killers in Hyde Park London, England this July. I suppose it wasn’t much of whim if I stayed up all night hitting the refresh button as I awaited for tickets to go on sale. Of course I want to see one of my favorite bands in a city that’s been on my international bucket list for as long as I can remember but my primary reason (after purchasing tickets) is that I now have an obligation to take a trip to London. I gave myself the push I needed to get the wheels in motion make that trip happen.

My summer trip to London has now grown into also wanting to visit Edinburgh, Scotland and if I can manage to make it work, I’m going to add Dublin, Ireland to my itinerary. I mean who doesn’t want to visit the Guinness Storehouse? Mom, if you’re reading this don’t worry because I’ll also stop by St. Patrick’s Cathedral and say a Hail Mary.

Since my passport has expired I’m in the process of getting it renewed and couldn’t help but laugh as I gazed at my dated passport photo.  GAH! It’s hideous, complete with a bad haircut, what appears to be a missing tooth (I wasn’t a missing a tooth, it was pre-orthodontics) and blue contact lenses. Since then I’ve done some maturing and I’m no longer trying to be someone else. There’s still plenty of room for improvement but for the most part I’m OK with who I am.

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