Hi world it’s me!

First blog postHi there! It’s me, Marissa from Arizona who decided to start writing so I can grow as person, share experiences, learn more about myself and the world I call home. I’m used to working hard but the biggest misconception about me is probably that everything appears to come to me so easily. That is absolutely not true because nothing has ever come easy for me. I just tend to work through things with persistence and most of the time a smile. I say most of the time because I’m far from perfect and often grumble beneath my breath until the task or journey at hand is complete or when I feel accomplished.

There are times when I get down on myself and most recently I was feeling down. Feeling lost and sad in that “woe is me” kind of mindset. That naturally is not my personality and after about a week of wallowing in my own misery I picked myself up, shook myself off and told myself that I needed to challenge myself. I needed to do something new, work on being a better person and follow my dreams!

We are our own worst enemy and doubt ourselves regularly because it’s so much easier to stay where we feel comfortable. This girl tends to drive herself mad when sitting idle so instead of doing just that I’ve come to this cyber world to express myself. Wish me luck because this is new to me. I hope that I’m not criticized too harshly as I have no writing experience but I’m determined to learn.

First blog post

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  1. I’m also from AZ and learning to blog! So far it’s been really fun, and I have enjoyed the writing process! Hope your blog is a success and you continue to follow your dreams!


      1. Just since March! I’ve always enjoyed writing, but now I’m taking it to a whole new level! 🙂 I am thoroughly enjoying writing! I think you’re blog is fun! Let’s keep in touch!


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