My pursuit to Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest has been whispering my name, calling me since I was a kid when one Friday evening my dad came home with a video rental of K2. I know K2 isn’t Everest but it was this movie that led to my discovery of one of the seven summits.
It’s kind of been on the list titled “Impossible Conquests”. You know that file that gets tucked away in the back of your brain. That place you remembered once in a blue moon when you’re feeling on top of the world or when you’re down and you need something to look forward to.
Well it’s been in that file until about a year ago when I brought the idea into my real life. Life isn’t about material things, stuff measured in monetary units or the amount of friends you have. Life is about experiences, accomplishments, being kind, learning and teaching. Ever since I could remember I’ve always wanted to defy the odds stacked against me. Maybe because I looked up to my older brother or maybe because I wanted to be a role model to my younger sisters. Who knows but I’ve always had this fire in me to do whatever I’m told I cannot do.
I remember teaching myself to ride my brother’s 2 wheel bicycle. I think my mom or dad held the back of the seat as I peddled in wobbly circles around the car port. It wasn’t much of lesson but bless my parents for trying. Once alone I picked up that bike and climbed on it. It didn’t take me long to find my balance. I peddled with joy and a huge smile on my face. It never occurred to me how I should stop the bicycle that was in motion with me on it and so I didn’t need to. The beam holding the carport up helped me as it brought me to an abrupt stop knocking me off the bike and giving me a black eye. As I lay on the concrete recovering on the driveway I’m sure I smiled. Hurt but proud I did it.
Years later as I clicked through online articles about travel. I stumbled upon a story about someone who flew into Kathmandu then Lukla to begin a trek to Everest base camp over several days. There’s no way I could ever attempt to summit Everest. I’m far too
clumsy, prissy and frightened to accomplish that and it’s super expensive! But you know what? I can trek to base camp. I know it won’t be easy but the sense of accomplishment when I reach it will make it oh so worth it. To be able to feel accomplished at something I once thought impossible is what life is all about. So here’s to my upcoming adventure.

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      1. I just met a woman whose friend made the trek last year. I got her contact info and I’m excited hear about her experience. Any plans for the weekend? I’m going to drive to Yuma to photograph the sand dunes and perhaps write something about it. I like to travel and just booked a trip for a visit to Dublin, Edinburgh and London in July. I’ve also made some online friends in Dublin and it’s quite interesting to exchange information on different countries and cultures. I just found out the standard employer’s paid vacation time is 30 days! Thanks so much for reaching out to me because the truth it’s difficult to make friends as an adult.


      2. Oh wow! That sounds like am amazing trip! I love to travel! I went on a cruise that went to Dublin, Greenock, Scotland, and then England. It was amazing!! This weekend was super crazy busy. I helped decorate for a wedding, I arranged all the flowers. So I’m going to work on a diy article about that soon. Did you go to Yima?


      3. That sounds like an amazing cruise. How long was it? I’m going to the UK in July and will be visiting Dublin, Edinburgh and London. Kudos to you on helping with wedding decorating. I imagine that could be stressful. Yuma was great! I took some amazing pictures and video
        and will be putting together a video blog in the next week or so. I look forward to reading your DIY blog.

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      4. It was amazing! It was 12 days,I believe. It left from New York, went to Nova Scotia, then across the ocean, oh, you will love your trip! Yes the wedding prep was a little stressful, but it turned out great!


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