Final Curtain Call For “O” by Cirque Du Soleil?

I just returned from a weekend trip to Las Vegas after spending a few days of having some much-needed adult fun. One of my favorite things to do in Las Vegas is to attend a show and on this trip I saw “O” by Cirque Du Soleil at the Bellagio.

Tickets for most Las Vegas shows are not inexpensive and as you can imagine tickets for a show in one of the most expensive hotels on the strip weren’t either. The cost for 2 tickets was just under $300 for seats located in the Loggia Section, a moderate area located underneath the balcony. The view was great with no obstructions and located at the same level as the orchestra that I later found out was behind glass just to sides of us.

One of the reasons I enjoy Las Vegas shows is because I get to dress up is dresses that I normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to wear anywhere else but Vegas. The Bellagio photographers are well aware of this and are ready to snap your photo as you enter the venue. After the show the photos are available for purchase at a cost of $45 for 2 5×7 pictures. Two drinks and a Snickers bar ($38) later I find my seat and I’m ready for the show.

The theater is built to resemble an 1800 seat 14th century opera house. It is elegant and feels incredibly posh. The stage that the artists perform on transitions seamlessly and without notice into a pool that is deep enough for divers to dive into from almost 50 feet above. The sets, costumes, music and performances are nothing short of amazing. My tickets were for the 2nd show of the evening and as I arrived audience members from the first showing were leaving in what appeared to be a sold out crowd.

The show currently seems to be as popular as it was almost 20 years ago so in my opinion I don’t think that the curtain will be falling anytime soon.

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