Where You Come From Will Never Determine Where You End Up If You Don’t Let It.

It was a busy Friday morning in the office when my boss sat at my desk and pulled up a TED Talk video as he asked for a few minutes of my time. I sat only half tuned into what the presenter was saying because I was thinking of the multiple tasks and deadlines that awaited me. Suddenly the presenter in the video said something that struck a chord with me.

He was reminiscing about his early quest to become rich and successful. In an effort to learn how, he began to hang out where they did but was faced with the challenge of driving a junky car and the need to park it blocks away. He feared that the people he so desperately wanted to learn from would lower their expectations of him as a result of his car.

I, at one time was in the same predicament. In my early days of being a real estate agent I would park my nineteen ninety something Ford Taurus down the street so that potential buyers wouldn’t see the smoke rising from under the hood. I’d show up early to ensure my car wouldn’t be seen. When it was time to leave, I’d let the buyers leave first and then peek through the window until the coast was clear for me to walk to my car and drive off without being embarrassed.

Looking back I’m now thankful for that car because it taught me about the importance of perseverance and overcoming challenges.

 Josiah Cantrall offers up an inspiring narrative of one youths quest to escape generational hopelessness and dream beyond the confines of mere existence and death.

Highlights from: What do Poor People Dream About? | Josiah Cantrall | TEDxTucson 

  • Believe it’s possible
  • Victory is never about arriving or achieving it’s about having the courage to get there
  • Have the courage to believe that something better awaits


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