Monday Madness or Not So Much

Monday April 10, 2017

It’s just before noon. Today I’m in my office going through offers that came in over the weekend. I’m relieved that there are only 2 as it will give me a chance to catch up on the other never ending tasks. Right now though I’m taking a mental break as I type this and enjoy my breakfast, strawberry yogurt.

I’m just about all moved into my new office with the exception of the box tucked underneath my desk that I still need to unpack. I like that my new office has lots of space and features lots of windows to let in natural light BUT I’m learning that as the mercury rises here in Arizona so does the temperature in my office (ugh).  Did I mention that it’s 82 degrees fahrenheit out? I got to wear my favorite spring heels!


I lost 2 hours interviewing 2 agents but I’m happy to say that we have found our new site agents. YAY! It was just announced that we are official proud supporters of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Note to self

I only have 5 days left to file my income taxes! I need to complete and pay for my passport renewal. I’m excited about my run tonight and the fact that last night I pushed myself a little bit further and did 50 (girly) push-ups!



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