Taking Back Tuesday: A Positive Reboot Of My Mind

Yesterday was a tough one for me. I felt “off” the entire day. I really had no reason to go about my day feeling grouchy, unhappy, tired and slew of other negative feelings rolled up into one ball of happiness. I decided to listen to an audio file on my commute home to salvage what I had left of Tuesday and it worked.

I learned that It’s human nature to experience negative thoughts. Our minds are always generating thoughts and feelings that are often times negative. There are two types of thought systems that our minds operate with. Most of us fall into system 1 but those who achieve the peak amount of success discipline their mind to operate under the system 2 concept.  The next time you are feeling down remember that you have a choice.

System 1- The brain receives automatic thoughts and impulses. It’s in a constant state of protection. The brain doesn’t like to work a lot so it takes what it knows and applies it to the situation. It generates fears and tells the body to run away. This may be the result of challenges experienced in the past and this is the brain’s attempt to protect itself. Sometimes these aren’t helpful thoughts they’re just automatic. The brain picks the easiest route it knows and sticks with it.

Part of becoming a more mature, enlightened and conscious person is to take advantage of System 2.

System 2- Take control of your conscious dashboard. Use the ability to more directly work, control, generate and create our own thoughts and behaviors in the moment NOT relying too much on things that just come up for us. Be positive, buoyant, confident and strong. Something that leads you to healthy decisions for your life not just things that protect you. Don’t allow yourself to be so protective that you prevent yourself from advancing your life.

Decipher your thoughts by determining the relative weight of importance and duration. Ask yourself “Where are my thoughts right now? Are they supporting me?”. If they’re positive then continue to cultivate them and give them importance. If they are negative then cut off the duration of thought put into them and decrease the weight of importance attached to them.

It’s the repetition of the positive alternative to a negative impulse that gives us personal power.

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