An Addiction To Certainty May Prevent Many From Engaging In Life

Are you living life to it’s fullest? At some point the thought may have crossed your mind as it has mine. For many of us most days of the week are routine and we coast through the hours on autopilot. There is little deviation from our schedule no matter how busy or unbusy that schedule may be. For some of us our inner struggle can become our prison leading us to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

We get used to the routine and accept it because it’s comfortable and safe. The lack of variety and challenge prevents the mind from being stimulated and as a result can stunt our growth as a person. An addiction to certainty prevents most people from engaging in life. We fear the unknown because when we are unsure it can lead to feelings that we’re not used to feeling. We interpret these feelings with negativity as our mind chatter brings all of our insecurities to the surface. We often fail to realize that these feelings are a sign of growth based on the thought of doing something out of the ordinary. Feelings of insecurity should always be dismissed as erroneous. It’s easier to stick with what we know and not challenge ourselves but are we really happy or are we capable of more?

In order to break free I believe we need to have purpose and momentum. Determining our purpose is not an easy task. A  couple of questions we can ask ourselves to get us on the right path to figuring it out are: How happy am I? What have I done of meaning today? What will I do different tomorrow? Reflecting creates a form of introspection and assists with putting together an appraisal of our person. When we begin to articulate our intent to discover our purpose then we start to create an identity.

Embrace the hero you are because we all have one. Accept who you are. Empower the purpose at work, at home and in our daily lives. Find the greatness within and engage the future.


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