All In A Day’s Work

October 11, 2017

I’m sitting here on a not-so-crisp autumn evening because I have volunteered to give first aid to any of the 200 plus marching band students that may need it. School’s out for fall break and while the majority of students are staying away from campus these kids are committed as today is the first of an 8 hour day of fall band camp. I’m here to offer a band aid or an ice pack when needed. As I marvel in amazement at their dedication I can’t help but think that some of our future leaders could be right here in front of me playing music as they learn how to be dedicated.  By the way the temperature here today was 95 degrees fahrenheit and by the time I arrived they had been practicing for 6 hours and were still full of zest and working together as a team.

I’m feeling really good and humbled as I near near the end of a very accomplished day. I still worked my regular workday which consisted of a bunch of real estate stuff, managing to get 1 Halloween decoration up and assembling a prize wheel for our buyer’s agents to use at our open houses. There’s a humorous agent in the bunch who was so kind to list prizes such as; DEATH BY SNAKES, GET BACK TO WORK and YOU WON 10 CENTS!

On another note, A friend of mine has family and friends that have been directly affected by the fires still burning in Northern California. One of a handful of her friends lost everything. Their home has burned and all that lingers as a reminder of where they once lived is a concrete driveway.  There is a 5 year old boy in that family and I have 2 nephews about that age. I reached out to my sister to see if she could help and she has graciously given me some clothes and shoes to send to him. I will also be doing a fall cleaning this weekend to gather some household items to donate. The insurance company told the family that it would take up to 2 years before all is settled and a new home is built. They are currently looking for a place to rent. I imagine that some household goods will help in their new place.

As I sit here and reflect on my day I think to myself that, this is living life. It’s not about wealth or material goods, it’s about giving, learning and teaching. It’s about giving and not expecting anything in return. Being kind doesn’t cost a cent.

In the meantime, I’ll be watching from the bleachers waiting to run a band aid or an ice pack to the football field when and if they need me.


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  1. Great theme to this entry. You said it best it’s not about material goods, it’s about giving, learning, and teaching. The most rewarding gifts ever. Thanks for sharing that quote at the beginning.

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