Dearest Ophelia,


As I lay in bed awake at nearly 4 a.m. I hear the wind outside where I live. It’s a soothing dry fall wind that at times comes in angry gusts, making noises outside to get my attention. It’s far too early to rise and get ready for work so my mind wonders back to Ireland.

Hurricane Ophelia has been making its way towards Ireland and as I listen to the wind outside my window on a nearly moonless night, I know that Ophelia is about an hour away from making her grand entrance.

It’s been half a century since Ireland has had to face such a storm, luckily she’s let some wind out of her sails and will pass by with post-tropical storm force as opposed to the category 3 hurricane it was over the weekend.

I’ve been tracking the hurricane’s path and watching from afar hoping that Ophelia won’t wreck too much havoc. I visited Galway this summer, a quaint and charming city on Ireland’s west coast currently in one of the most vulnerable locations. I reminisce of an afternoon spent having lunch and shopping on a drizzly Irish summer day after traveling back from visiting the Cliffs of Moher.


While at the Cliffs, before disembarking the bus we were warned that when exploring to not stray from the marked path. In the past, rogue winds have been known to occasionally sweep onlookers over the cliffs. The thought of even being on the marked path with Ophelia in the distance gives me chills.


Perhaps as she is approaching the Emerald Isle she will have a change of heart as she notices how beautiful Ireland is with all of its natural beauty, history and rich heritage among countless other attributes.


In “the land of a thousand welcomes” I’m sure that even you Ophelia will be greeted with the finest Irish hospitality but I beg you to please mind your manners and be kind.


The Girl With A Quirky SideIMG_1513

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