Arizona, My Home

I’ve traveled to lots of places but my home has always been in the desert, Arizona actually. It’s easy to take the beauty of my surroundings for granted because I’m used to seeing them nearly everyday. Arizona is the Grand Canyon State and I have yet to see it. I will one day but there are no current plans. I live in the southern part of the state making the Mexico border less than an hour away from me.

I can travel by car in any direction for a weekend getaway. Los Angeles (8 hr drive), San Diego (6 hr drive), Las Vegas (7 hr drive), and Albuquerque (8 hr drive) are all within reach which is I really good for me because I enjoy road trips! I love to drive and love music even more. Sometimes there’s nothing more enjoyable than putting my foot to the gas pedal, turning up the stereo and hitting the road.

IMG_2661I have a rose garden that usually suffers during the hottest part of the summer when the daily temperature is usually over a 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Rose bushes and most any other tree or plant not native need to be watered excessively when the mercury rises. My roses sometimes get neglected when I go on a trip if I’m not lucky enough to arrange for my mother to house sit OR if I believe that the snake that frightened me while watering one evening is still occupying his summer residence.

In general, shade is hard to come by as there aren’t many shade trees here, instead there’s an abundance of cacti and brush. Our rivers (and we do have them) are dry, our front yards have no grass, I wear sunglasses and sunscreen everyday and there is no need for a tanning bed because I catch one naturally just going about my daily business.


In a place where we can brew tea in a jar as it sits in the sun, power our homes with solar energy, watch a meteor shower in the dead of night and burn our backsides as we forgetfully sit on hot leather seats while wearing shorts and driving, the sunsets never cease to amaze me.

It’s like each night I wait for van Gogh or Monet to show me their version of Arizona. I especially like when they present me with their masterpieces as I drive home. I always smile and think to myself “you’ve done it again fellas, you’ve done it again”.


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