A Willy Wonka Kind Of Day

Wednesday, I had today all planned out for the most part, my goal was to be out of the house on time which is no later than 7am. If I’m not backing out of the garage by that time then it means I’ll be driving to work when everyone else is trying to get to wherever it is they are traveling to which leads to very frustrating circumstances. Take yesterday for example, because I left my house 10 minutes late, I could not get onto the main road from my residential street until a nice motorist was courteous enough to let me in front of him. To show my gratitude I waved and slowly mouthed the words THANK YOU. That was the only good thing that happened on the drive yesterday morning because in an attempt to take a short cut instead of waiting in the incredibly long line of cars to get onto the freeway I got stuck behind a street sweeper that traveled about 6 miles per hour and then I caught just about every red light after that.

So the good news is that today I made it out of the house at 7:00 am and I beat all of the other cars rushing to get to work. The traffic was so light that I even had time to drive-thru and purchase a caramel iced coffee. Everything was splendid.  The car’s auto-play feature was even playing all the songs I wanted to hear.

I arrived at the office, pulled into my parking spot, entered the building and disarmed the alarm. I flipped over the hourglass on my desk and got down to business. During a quick trip to the ladies room I discovered I was wearing my undies inside out but because I didn’t feel like going through the trouble of removing my heels, tights and everything else that follows after that, I opted to just leave them be since nobody could tell the difference anyways. shortly after returning to my desk I felt something scratching my neck so I reached down and discovered that I was wearing my blouse backwards!

I also forgot my lunch so I decided to head to the supermarket to buy some steamed veggies to eat. Once in the store I must have been distracted by the over the top display of Halloween candy. My lunch turned out to be a combination of candy and potato chips. For dinner I kept the theme going as I stopped at Taco Bell for dinner. While parking the car my purse tipped over spilling all of its contents. Of course it did, right?

Anyhow, I pried open the heavy glass door and before I could look up I was greeted with a sweet voice that said “OMG I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!” “LOOK AT HER SHOES SHE’S SO PUT TOGETHER”. It felt nice to hear that because I didn’t feel that way today. I thanked her for the compliment then ordered my food. After I paid I pulled on my collar to show her my tag.

Yep, I never found the time to change it.

In case you’re wondering where the Willy Wonka reference came from you’ll see at the 1.42 marker.

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