A Halloween Recap

As many did this Halloween I had to work a regular work day in costume. I didn’t plan on meeting with any clients so I didn’t think twice about dressing up. An hour into the work day my boss called to tell me that something came and up he wouldn’t be able to attend our weekly production meeting so I had to run it. He said “Oh and by the way we have a new insurance rep that will be attending the meeting”. As I walked into the conference room trying to forget I was dressed as a cat so that I could be serious I glanced up and noticed that our new insurance rep was dressed as Beetlejuice.

After the meeting, I made a trip to the grocery store to pick up dinner fixings and some candy to pass out to any trick-or-treaters who might stop by my home later in the evening. The grocery store had a festive feel in most departments from floral to the check-out.

I also noticed that there was some Christmas merchandise waiting at the sidelines for their chance at the spotlight. I couldn’t help but think of the movie Sausage Party and wonder what the groceries might be thinking about all the comotion taking place on this day.Sausage-Party

I finished my workday and headed home as the sun was setting. As I pulled into the garage I noticed that there was a group of children ringing my doorbell patiently waiting to discover whether I had a trick or treat for them. From that moment on, my doorbell rang constantly every few minutes and each time the dogs went NUTS! I had nearly 200 trick-or-treaters come by for candy last night before I finally ran out.

I managed to not burn dinner in between doorbell rings and answering the door however I didn’t finish eating my dinner until nearly 9 p.m. Tired and with a black make-up smeared nose, I carried myself upstairs and I stayed awake until after 1 a.m. because I needed to watch at least two episodes of the new season of Stranger Things!

I turned off the tv and realized the my alarm would be going off in approximately 4.5 hours. I was tired from the long day but Halloween only comes once a year.

Until next year!

The Girl With A Quirky Side


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