10 Things I’m Thankful For


1.Buddhism I drive by a Buddhist monastery on my way to work which led me to discover the beauty of the Buddhist philosophy.

  • Buddhism (fully awake) To be fully developed with all of the positive qualities and absolutely free of the negative ones.
  • The mind is not just a brain. The mind is the beginning and creates our experiences of the world because what we perceive as reality is a function of the mind.
  • Buddhism teaches us that as we begin to understand the true nature of our mind we become happier, more peaceful, better ability to deal with problems which makes us better able to help others.
  • To bring happiness to ourselves as well as other living beings.
  • The source of our suffering comes from our mind.



2. My career I got into this business when everyone else was running away. Maybe I didn’t know any better but my thinking had always been that if I could survive the crash then the experience and wisdom gained from the worst of times would enrich me as an agent.

3.Feminism I’m eternally grateful for the women before me that fought for our rights.

4.Music I love all forms of music but this past year I’m especially grateful for furthering my knowledge on learning how to read, play and compose music.

5. My dogs I can always depend on them to keep me company. If I ever get angry with them they never hold a grudge.

6. Songs that hit the spot on repeat.

7. Long drives on open roads.

8. The snooze button!

9. Butter Braids I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year so when I show up to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving dinner I will arrive with fresh-baked Butter Braids that I may or not pass off as my own creation. I baked one last night and it was delish!


10. YOU!

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