Instagram and Reykjavík

So I committed to being active with an Instagram account I made awhile back. I have lots of photos from my various travels that just lie dormant on memory cards, my laptop or iPhone.

IMG_5873In just a couple of days of being on Instagram I’ve seen so many places come to life via the colorful photos being posted to Instagram by so many people exploring the world around us. It’s wonderful! It truly is and I’ve come to realize that it’s a small world after all being able to connect with so many people from places both near and far. However the planet is still vast because there is so much to still discover and the variety is plenty.

I’ve had this tugging on my soul that has been telling me to go see the Aurora Borealis from Reykjavik Iceland and after seeing so many stunning photos of Reykjavik. I think I know where I may be visiting next.

Our planet is a beautiful place. Get out there, EXPLORE and make some memories!Instagram

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    1. Thank you for the comment. What time of year did you visit Reykjavik? I have a question for you if you don’t mind answering. Would you rather visit a place you’ve been to once before or explore somewhere new?


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