The World Through My Eyes

Break time. Temple Bar Street. Dublin Ireland

An afternoon stroll through Temple Bar in Dublin on a summer afternoon. Temple Bar is a very busy area in Dublin Ireland filled with lots of people. The smell of traditional Irish food simmering in the kitchens of restaurants wafted through the air. The weather was slightly overcast with breaks of sunshine and sporadic rounds of light rain. Dublin was alive. I could feel the energy of the countless happy faces I crossed paths with. As I explored the cobbled streets with my camera in hand, I captured this moment in time on a July afternoon in 2017.

4 thoughts on “The World Through My Eyes

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    1. Oh you must go and visit! The people are amazing and friendly. I always said “one day” too. Last January I purchased concert tickets to see a band perform in London July 2017, so I had established a reason and date and then HAD to go. I added a couple of other countries to my itinerary because once there travel in between other countries is surprisingly affordable. I feel like 2018 might be your year to explore! Good luck!


    1. I loved Ireland. The people were real and your country is beautiful. I tried to muster up the courage to have a pint but walked after barely stepping in. The second I opened the pub door everyone at the bar turned around and I could help but feel intimidated. I’m not a huge drinker so I felt everyone knew that I was a newbie so I left and wandered off looking for Dublin Castle which I never found. I’m a pretty intelligent woman but the green signs with a stick figure looking person and arrows got the best of me. I followed them around looking for a restroom to no avail. 😐


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