Lost For A Moment


The sound of my high heels greeting the pavement below with each hurried step slowed as I looked up to see a moment of romanticism and wander in a city filled with orderly chaos. A sea of people poured out of the late show of “O”, I too was one amongst the masses. Surrounded by people in different degrees of happiness; some in a joyful state of booze induced bliss, some giddy from flirtations of a newfound love and still some unaware of the moment ¬†instead just existing while lost somewhere else within their own head. Through clouds of both real and fake cigarette smoke that encroached the scent of my perfume, I managed to work my way out of the school of people whom were all moving in one direction. In a quiet spot away from the rest I stopped to look through the lens and snap a photograph. I found beauty in the surroundings of man-made creations that faithfully stand still and quietly observe the world unfolding around them.

I was lost for a moment in my own world.


2 thoughts on “Lost For A Moment

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    1. Thank you. I’m so happy I found your blog and now you’ve found mine. I’m finally on my way home and am excited to read your latest blog. Coming home from work today I actually thought about your blog post, I think it was the one titled Loose Women in which Jimmy thought you working at home was a walk in the park. I though to myself “that Jimmy is nuts!” Because I’d rather work at a job than at home any day. The truth is that the work at home never ends!


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