I Hope Luck Works In My Favor

exif_temp_imageLike the Merchant of Venice I await with bated breath. An energy electrifies my body on the daily as each day passes in heightened anticipation to hear all about what I sent them. Shortly before Christmas I received an email from Kevin letting me know that I had been shortlisted. I was given instructions on how to login, register and proceed with the next  part of the process for consideration.

Over the course of the next couple of days I was riding cloud 9 everywhere I went. I kept wondering if I should share this news with anyone. I started acting uncharacteristically superstitious, afraid of jinxing my opportunity so I refrained for a few days. I was also bursting at the seams with joy like Buddy the Elf does when he learns that Santa’s coming tomorrow at 10 am.  It was difficult to refrain from saying anything. I finally caved while riding passenger travelling out to dinner with my sister and brother-in-law. I blurted out something .

I had a fast approaching deadline. There were 2 parts to this process; part 1 was to complete a full application which included answering some questions to show that I could write in a considered and well constructed way, the second part was to submit a video application to show that I was EXACTLY what they were looking for. The deadline was January 17th at 1 pm GMT (7 hours ahead of my local time). I had plenty of time to work on both. I wanted to ensure that I poured myself into both parts. The questions asked of me turned out to be really deep for me, totally authentic and in true form. I’m rather proud of my responses.

For the video part….I had so many incredible ideas in my head! I filmed lots of takes, redos and had plenty of hilarious moments.  As I pieced all of my scripted stuff together I didn’t like it. I tried various things like interviewing myself as myself dressed as 2 different people but it didn’t capture who I was. Maybe I’m being too critical but it seemed too phoney, rehearsed and lackluster. The final result was a montage of pictures and video clips of my travels this year edited together along with a voiceover narration.

When all was said and done I felt really good about both assignments that I submitted. My video didn’t have the blockbuster budget good enough for a summer release but I believe my video gives a glimpse of who I am.

There is no doubt that the competition is stiff. Out of all of the applications received from around the world approximately 100 will be chosen to proceed onto round 1. Those that have successfully managed to make it through round 1 will be invited to attend round 2 and then ambassadors will be selected from that narrowed down group.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity itself and you’d better believe that I am hoping for an invite to the next step. In hindsight though I’ve already learned something so valuable that on my drive home from work, I pulled off the road to text my family.IMG_6923IMG_6924





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    1. The drawbridge must have been up. True, I did find the Supermacs AND I found the best chocolate bars, Cadbury Dairy with Hazelnut! I think I bought all of Tesco’s supply. I can’t find those here. The green sign with the stick figure is Ireland’s “exit”sign? Idk. The sign I’m talking about pops up in my video in the part when I’m inside Supermacs. It’s at the 1:55 mark https://youtu.be/nm73LtHNlrM .


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