Alaska Bound

IMG_7082I messaged my mother a couple of weeks ago to ask if she could house sit for me.

Where you going to this time?


But it’s so cold there!

I know! Isn’t it wonderful?

Instead of watching the Super Bowl next weekend I’m going to board a plane from my hometown to Denver and then off to Anchorage. I’m headed to a resort in a town called Girdwood outside of Anchorage. The purpose of my trip is to photograph the Aurora Borealis from a location that has received over 300 inches of snow this season! I’ve never been to Alaska or anywhere cold for that matter.

My boss kindly suggested that I visit his friend in Barrow. I wish I could but unfortunately because of time constraints I won’t be able to although visiting Barrow would have been incredible. A colleague of mine has a buddy that owns a brewery in Anchorage called Midnight Sun Brewing Co. Since my flight home doesn’t depart until 11 pm I’ll get to spend some time in Anchorage and I plan on stopping by to sample some brew.

I still need to pack but the good news is that I believe I’ve made all of my purchases. I’m just waiting on one Amazon package that contains a remote control for my camera.

Alaska, here I come!




21 thoughts on “Alaska Bound

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  1. I remember being in the airport there when I was 4. It had a massive taxidermed polar bear. My father was the same age I am now. Sobering


      1. Thanks. Don’t know how long taxidermy lasts. I do know it will cost me $2000 to get my cat done when she dies. She sleeps about 22 hours a day already… 🤔

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  2. Nice post! I love that your boss told you to check out Barrow. I’ve been “obsessed” with Alaska the last few years and Barrow is exactly where I want to go. How were the Aurora lights? and trip in general?


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