Will tell how I’ll survive the cold weather. I’m very gung-ho at the moment as I type this from my warm bedroom with the ceiling fan oscillating above on medium speed. I wore a short-sleeved dress, tights and ankle boots to work today with no need for a jacket. At the intersection of Skyline/Hacienda del Sol I glanced at the dash and noticed the AC was on and at nearly 6 pm it was still 74 degrees outside. While the high here is predicted to be 80 on Friday in Anchorage the high is expected to be 15.IMG_7130

I should be packing considering my mom will probably be at my house when I get home from work, she’ll want to catch up and chat but I didn’t pack a thing. I did however receive a weather forecast for Anchorage, an Aurora forecast and a list of some things to do in the area.

I received the message below from a fellow traveler.

I live near Girdwood and rarely go very far- so much fun beautiful stuff around here to explore! Here is a really quick list:
– road trip to Seward (one of my favorite towns)
– go on a walk in Girdwood, or try downhill skiing or snowboard
– walk across frozen portage lake to a glacier!
– go to the ocean: Turnagain Arm, and check out the views and drifting ice

Hmm….Maybe I’ll try snowboarding? Until I read –To accommodate Alyeska’s new avalanche beacon requirement policy, …You lost me at avalanche although I may put fear aside an try it.

This song/video Time by Klangkarussell was appropriate to get into “The Last Frontier” state of mind tonight.

My Wednesday was fabulous. I hope yours was too.



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      1. But if they both result in death then is there any point in rating them? I’m not sure I would care at that point. Although I’d kind of go out like a champ. What do you say about your “death by Northern Lights”? The things that make you go hmmm…

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