It’s All Fun And Games

Yay! I made it to Alaska safe and sound and it has been an experience so far. As we boarded the airplane I noticed each seat had a blanket waiting for them and I needed it. Even the flight was cold. The flight there was amazing. I flew above the clouds and saw a couple of glaciers from above.



As we approached Anchorage International Airport I got see a frozen sea.IMG_7353.PNG

I pulled over at Beluga Point to take some pictures. I’ve been in “photographer” mode for the past couple weeks. I left my camera hand glove in the car thinking I’d be fine for awhile. After a few minutes my camera hand started to freeze up so in a panic I moved quickly to seek shelter in the the car. In a matter of milliseconds my “namaste” outlook was gone and I was politely shouting “Where the F is the key!? Who in their right mind locks a car when we’re standing 5 feet away?!”. That my friends was my first experience in 16 degree weather. 😊



Although I don’t have the opportunity to travel all the way up to Barrow to make a new friend, modern technology made that possible today. IMG_7351IMG_7355IMG_7349IMG_7350

It’s just after 9 pm and I’m getting ready for bed. I set a hotel wake up call should the Northern Lights appear tonight. I read ideal temps for seeing them are in the subzero range. How lucky am I 😨 ?




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