Day 2: Mt. Alyeska and Turnagain Arm

I awoke at 7 a.m. full of energy probably because I fell asleep about 9 p.m. the night before. I put on some music and danced my to the shower feeling rested and happy. My Northern Light wake up call never arrived last night so I assume they didn’t make an appearance considering the moon was not very far into its waning stage.

After drying my hair with the hair dryer and dressing in many layers of clothes I phoned my mom and we face-timed for a few minutes. I showed her the view from my window and told her about my outfit and that yes, today I would make sure to wear both gloves. She sounded pretty anxious for me get out there and have another dose of Arctic Cold when she asked if I had been outside yet…ummm not yet mom.

I opted for breakfast in the hotel where I could stay inside the warmth for a little bit longer. I chose the skip the reindeer sausage and instead went with the steel-cut oats sprinkled with brown sugar. The view from the restaurant was amazing as I got to see all of the skiers and snowboarders at the tail end of their run.

IMG_7456I purchased my aerial tram ticket to take a ride up, 2300 ft from the hotel to the top of Mt. Alyeska but before heading out into frigid wonderland I messaged my mom one more time to give her a weather update and I laughed when I read her response because I could her saying it as if she were standing right next to me.


I was packed in like a sardine in the tram along with other skiers and snowboarders. I stood next to an older man who appeared to be in his late 60s. He looked like an expert skier with his snow goggles tightly pressed on his forehead. As the tram climbed higher and the view of the mountain became more grand evidence of past avalanches were visible. The tram operator made a quick apology for the upcoming “swing”. My stomach dropped as the cart swung to and fro and I must have mad a funny face because the older gent gave me a kind smile.



Eerily the temperature felt warmer than I expected at the top of the mountain than what it felt like down below.IMG_7458

I messaged my father from the top of Mt. Alyeska because I forgot to let him know that I was going on a trip until I was en route at the Denver airport.IMG_7331IMG_7418I wanted to take advantage of the limited daylight so I made my way down the mountain to the car and drove out to see the floating ice at Turnagain Arm. IMG_7417IMG_7421As cold as it was and as much as I don’t like my hair getting frizzy if wet, I mustered up the courage and let myself fall back to make my first snow angel.

The afternoon had come to an end. I sent my mother a quick message to let her know how my day went and then headed out to dinner. 

The road to dinner was frozen and once again it was very cold, a chilly 4 degrees farenheit but at least the number this time wasn’t negative nor singular.

You’d think that I’d opt for a warm adult drink to warm myself up but nah….It’s me and I’ve been told that I can be a bit of a wholenut so I opted for a nice Guinness.


And here, live from Alaska (sort of) is in my own words a recap of the second day of my Alaskan Adventure.

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