Day 1 Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

Lots has transpired over the last couple of days so there is so much to update. As I write this it’s about 1 a.m. for Curt and Zoe and they are most likely sleeping because I haven’t heard anything from them for some time now. They have completed two full days of hiking on their trip so far. I will post daily updates tracking their progress and report back the information they share with a few of us here.

The official campaign “Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest” was launched. I am happy to report that in less than 24 hours of launch we’ve raised nearly a $1000 dollars. Thank you very much to everyone that has contributed. We’ve still got a ways to go so if you if you are able to donate then we kindly request a donation. Just as important please share the campaign on your social media sites.  You may copy and paste the link below.

With a 13 hour time difference my updates come at odd hours which for me is exciting because it’s a reminder that Curt and Zoe are on the other side of the world! I usually get messages around my dinner time/their morning and then again around my midnight/their afternoon. Curt and Zoe have now completed 2 full days of hiking. As they get further along in their journey their cell coverage is becoming sparse but it appears that one of them must be climbing trees to get messages to us because we’re still getting them somehow. This is for you Noah and MeiLi!

Monday June 4, 2018

Curt and Zoe awoke in Kathmandu after spending a second night in a local hotel there. The atmosphere in the capital city of Nepal has been very lively and the people have been wonderful. Curt awoke at 5:30 a.m. to enjoy the last of his hot showers for a while. Zoe was also up bright and early so they could unpack everything they brought with them, do an inventory and make a list of what they still needed to purchase in Kathmandu. They also had to choose what needed to go with them to carry and what could be left behind. Carrying extra weight in conjunction with the effects of higher elevation and physical exertion can be incredibly taxing to those in an environment alien to them. After meeting with the rep from Himalayan Wonders it was off to shopping and avoiding downpours of rain.


After shopping it was time for the real adventure to begin! Curt and Zoe made their way to a little airport in order to board an even tinier plane to fly to Tenzing-Hillary Airport in small town named Lukla in Khumbu Solukhumbu DistrictProvince No. 1.

Curt messaged Noah and MeiLi an update to which the adorable duo messaged him and Zoe back with two photos and two messages. One in which they signed “GOOD LUCK” and the other “WE LOVE YOU”.



Almost immediately upon landing the group’s tour guide named Prakash and porter named Sagar led them on the first day of their trek to Mount Everest Base Camp.

Day 1 was a 3 mile hike that took about 3 hours to complete. The overall first day of hiking was pretty easy. The surroundings were gorgeous, temperature was in the 70’s (fahrenheit) and they were greeted my numerous smiling faces along the way. They made their way across the first of many suspension bridges that will be crossed on their journey.

On a scale of 1-10 according to Curt the physical difficulty level for day 1 is as follows; the first half of the hike was a level 1. The second half of hike was a level 4 but not too bad. The weather was really nice. Curt quickly discovered that he had dressed too warm and sweated a ton. They ended their first day of hiking and spent the night in a town called Phakding.

Curt ended the update with:

“We had a lot of fun…tomorrow is the hardest day”

“Today Zoe and I said I was the winner!!”


“But Zoe is getting her hiking legs. Back at it tomorrow.”

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