Day 3 Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

MeiLi and Noah giving a thumbs up to Curt and Zoe's progressAs usual Noah and MeiLi have been enjoying the updates and in correspondence they send pictures and messages back and forth. After hearing of how Day 2 went MeiLi gave her overall prediction of what team would win. She said “Yay! I think that Zoe will winner!”. Yep, she added her adorable sassy flare, reminding us that she’s bilingual. One could argue that she is in fact multilingual because she knows English, sign language and has a vocabulary “chock full of MeiLi-isms”. MeiLi lost her hearing as a result of the tumors growing on her brain from fibromatosis. Noah has recently been experiencing some bad days dealing with some skin pain caused by leukemia but after hearing the update he said he was ready to run! They both decided they were going to go on a 3 mile run the following morning! Both Noah and MeiLi are very active children and Noah especially loves participating in triathlons.

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Noah and MeiLi are the stars of this show. They continue to amaze us with each passing day. We are so inspired by them and feel so lucky to have crossed paths. They are leading by example in showing that we are each capable of making our own lives a masterpiece by giving disregard to limitations on what we can be, have or do.

Now onto an update with the supporting cast!b4a5e680-b808-4611-9c15-ea1baa484ed0

The day started with a 5:20 a.m. wake up. Zoe needed some additional rest so Curt ventured out to a little coffee shop in Namche to pick up a latte for him and Zoe. As Zoe slept Curt was able to get his phone and extra batteries fully charged. He then took some time to message an update. After an oatmeal breakfast the group headed out for a practice hike. “HOLY! NO OXYGEN!” said Curt. The guide said “warm up and it come as you’re awake more”. The guide was right.d687e76a-1689-42fe-bd0f-a6e5c9940437

The group traveled high above Namche and visited the highest airport in the world! It was a grass airstrip used mostly by helicopters and occasionally some small planes. Curt finally got the GoPro working which made me wonder if he had forgotten the “magic words” to voice activate it. Nonetheless he promises that there are funny videos to be shared once they return. The group made it to Panorama Lodge in hopes of catching a glimpse of the mountains, unfortunately it was clouded in, even after waiting an hour Everest had still not made her appearance. She’s still calling out to them though. The hike was not a disappointment it was lots of fun, very steep and good for acclimatization.  They even had the joyful company of a puppy who followed them along the way.

After making their way back down it was time for lunch in Namche. Curt had a tuna sandwich and Zoe had fried rice then it was off to do some shopping in the tiny town and give away lollipops to the kids.

Overall it was a fun and easy day.

Because today was a rest day the score remains the same. Team Noah 1 Team MeiLi 1

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On a side note….Curt pointed out that my information (yesterday) was incorrect in regards to Angie and Malwain. Errr….so sorry. I wondered where I got that the two were from Australia? I finally figured it out after I went back to re-read the group message exchange. So to clear this up to the best of my ability, the group of 5 that Curt had dinner with on his first night in Kathmandu were from Australia. The two lovely ladies joining them on thier trek are Angie and Malwain. Angie is from Oregon and Malwain lives in San Diego.

My sincerest apologies ladies,


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