Day 4 Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

Noah and MeiLi went for their 3 mile run as they planned to do the day before. Unfortunately, Noah’s skin pain proved to be too much that he was unable to run the entire 3 miles. Noah did NOT give up! To our surprise he pushed through the pain and walked the remainder of what was left of the 3 miles with his mother Lisa and sister MeiLi by his side.

As messages from Lisa come to us with updates from the children, we continue to be amazed by their perseverance and accomplishments.

Noah, I must tell you that you’re nothing short of amazing. Using the word “amazing” to describe both you and MeiLi still falls short. You both are so much more than that. I have a feeling that one day, you may even trek to Everest Base Camp yourself. We wouldn’t be surprised if one day you actually went all the way to the summit and it would be less of a shock to hear that MeiLi was right behind you!IMG_0828

The group
Top row: Curt, Zoe, Malwina, Prakash(best tour guide), Angie Bottom row: Money and Sagar (amazing porters)

IMG_0829Namche Bazaar to Tengboche

Altitude: 12,684ft

Trekking distance: 10km (about 6 hours)

Day 4 was much tougher than expected. The trekking began with a huge hike up with (weather permitting) breathtaking views of the Himalayas, Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Thamserku and Kwangde.

Once again Everest would remain in hiding for this group. After the big climb up it was a short drop back down to have lunch along the riverside. With lunch in their bellies providing fuel for their bodies they moved across the river through a forest pass. It was a continual uphill trek that alternated between a gradual grade and some seriously steep ground. From this point on the group made their way to their destination, Tengboche. This is where the group would spend the night.

Tengboche is said to be one of the most beautiful places in the Everest region. Curt, Zoe and the group made it to Tengboche and visited the Tengboche monastery, which is one of the largest in Khumbu. After thoroughly nourishing their spirit they made their way to the hotel in the tiny village. For the most part of the day the weather was cloudy with drizzles of rain with the exception of a downpour right before getting to the hotel that made everyone very cold! Finally in the hotel and in the process of warming up Curt messaged the remainder of our Day 4 update.

“Sorry to say Noah but Zoe won today!! It was close! I’ve been using the GoPro camera so we’ll have some good stuff to share when I get back. Zoe and I are very cold and tired. We’re going to take a nap before dinner…it is 5 pm here right now. Noah and MeiLi did you do your run yet or tomorrow? All of you :)) miss you all”1177cc4f-b124-4653-aada-6549047236d6

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Team Noah 1 Team MeiLi 2

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