Day 5 Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

IMG_0859It was just after 5:30 am in Nepal. As Zoe slept, Curt started his day with an attempted video chat to Noah and MeiLi. As the phone rang Lisa frantically tried to answer; unfortunately a setting on her phone prevented her from successfully doing so.  Since this would be the first video chat from the remote Everest region Curt rang me next to test a video call.

I was in the office busily working my way through an extremely hectic day when the unexpected call came in. Excited to say hello, I shouted for my co-workers to join me. I answered the call and to the team’s amusement the video feed literally displayed a frozen Curt. A few blips of audible, unintelligible voice came through. It could have been my imagination but despite the image being frozen, I think his eyes may have darted a bit. After a couple of minutes of walking around my office with iPhone in hand and arm extended in search of a better signal to miraculously strengthen the signal in Nepal (I know it’s silly) the call finally dropped. The signal was just too weak to support the video call but moving onward we are still very grateful that messages and photos continue to be received here on the other side of the world.img_0811.pngAs the days pass the group gets closer to Everest Base Camp and the journey gets more physically demanding. Noah and MeiLi are talked about all the time on the trail. The whole group now enjoys receiving updates, photos and words of encouragement from the distinguished duo. Noah and MeiLi have evolved into a “mission command” of sorts. As the group faces fatigue and physical challenges, Noah and MeiLi continually offer the support to get them through. They’ve become masters at fitting a square peg in a round hole. Bravo Noah and MeiLi!

IMG_0856Tengboche to Dingboch

Altitude: 14,435ft

Trekking distance: 11km (about 6 hours)

Day 5 The trek kicked off with a walk through the rhododendron forest to Deboche followed by a bridge over the raging Imja Khol River. The group then made a pass by the valley wall and traversed the plains to Pangboche village, the biggest settlement of Sherpas in the region. After lunch the trek continued onward with more difficulty than earlier in the day. The landscape gave way to dry, deserted mountains and the final portion of the hike lead them into Dingboche.

IMG_0857The group made it to Hotel Good Luck where they would spend the night. Curt and Zoe are still doing great in regards to their body’s reaction to the new altitude. Typically this is the stage when altitude sickness strikes many as they begin to experience problems with adjusting to the higher elevation. Altitude sickness symptoms usually come on within 12-24 hours of reaching the higher elevation and then get better within a day or two as the body adjusts to the change in altitude.

All trees have now been lost because Dingboche is above the tree line. Trees cannot survive in the low oxygen environment. The most exciting part of the day for everyone was that today they caught their very first glimpse of Mount Everest! The photo below is a zoomed in photo of Mount Everest that Curt snapped.

First glimpse of Mount Everest
First glimpse of Mount Everest

Curt and Zoe continue to be amazed by the ever-changing landscape. Curt very much enjoyed trekking alongside the gorgeous, rapid flowing river.

The nights are starting to get very cold as they trek above the tree line, an exciting reminder that they are nearing base camp. The group will remain in Dingboche tomorrow as it will be their last adjustment day.

“Noah and MeiLi we talk about you all the time on the trail…I think If they can do it-I can do it-Today I won!!! I had lots of sleep from the night before and I think Zoe must have been texting her boyfriend Russel too late :). But I clearly had it going on today…I felt great on the hike.”

“Angie and Malwina are great, our other hikers. The little girl with in the photo lives in a tiny house along the trail, she was very nice, she was 8 years old”

“The photo above was of Mt Everest but a zoomed in photo. The little boy was at lunch today, he was soooo cute, he was 3 and the last boy is at the lodge we are at tonight.”

“Please keep sending us photos we love them!!!”

“It’s 8:30 pm and I’m a little tired so going to set up my room and go to bed.”

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Team Noah 2 Team MeiLi 2

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