Day 6 Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

I was elated this morning when I received a rather lengthy, well worded message update from Curt. I know that he very much wants all of us to know what the experience is like each day. Sitting down to reflect, compose his thoughts into words to then send them back to us requires time and concentration so thank you very much for that!

Curt loves people! Whenever there are people around him, he’s always very interested in hearing their story. Rightfully so, everyone has a story to tell and sometimes we should stop to listen. He has a certain charisma about him. He has a way of connecting with people he’s never met before, I’ve seen this unfold before my eyes time and time again. He did this on a business trip to Washington with a large group of farmers who were in town for a potato convention, in a nursing home while visiting his mother before work and my most recent favorite at a little restaurant in Newport Beach which resulted in the entire place talking to him about his upcoming trip to base camp. It was quite entertaining, it unfolded a little something like this.

While on a business trip to Newport Beach, CA we decided to visit some beach side restaurants on the afternoon prior to him catching his flight back home. With less than one hour prior to the time I had to drop him off at the airport he said “OH LOOK! One more place let’s stop in quickly”.

Me: I’m not sure it’s a good idea, it’s Friday, it’s 5 o’clock, L.A. traffic….

Curt: Just a few minutes?

We sat at the counter and ordered nachos. Curt made conversation with the person taking our order. He went on to share his upcoming trek to Everest Base Camp, the desire for it be more meaningful and how he wanted to help a child. 

In an instant, he became the most interesting man in the world (or in the restaurant) as the following unfolded.

Older male patron sitting by himself to the right of Curt: Did you say Everest?!

Woman(Cute couple sitting behind Curt): Oh my gosh! That’s amazing! Are you on Instagram or something?

Curt spun his chair around and continued to engage in conversation as the rest of the diners all scooted in closer to listen. TRUE STORY.



Dingboche: Rest and Acclimatization Day

Altitude: 14,435ft

The plans for this day are to seize the opportunity to give legs some much-needed rest before the last leg of the adventure. The surrounding valleys of Chhukung and Imja, the latter of which links with Island Peak, the high passes of Amphu Laptsa and Makalu Barun National Park.

Day 6 Since Curt did such an amazing job with his update to us, I wanted to share the update in its true form.

“Today was our adjustment day— I slept in to 6:20 am and then got up to check cloud cover. We started to see some mountains but 80% of them covered up. We ate breakfast then took off for our altitude hike test— we started at 14,400 and hike up a very steep hill to 15,645 feet.  Still Zoe and I have no altitude problems. I’m very thankful I did my training in Tucson before coming here or it would be really hard!! Thank you Curtis Anderson for making me climb!!
We are staying in this little town Dingbuche it’s very cold at night but nice during the day. It was sunny during the day but the clouds cover most of the mountains. The people you meet are amazing from all over the world. It’s very cool to experience. This journey is 40% trekking
60% cultural and spiritual learning.
Being in the middle of the Himalayan mountains you can’t help but be inspired by the vast nature of it all. These people live off the land and amazing how happy they are — a true joy to be around. We have 2 more days until base camp. The trek is long we only have a few step parts left.
We have a 6 hour day tomorrow and then we have an 8 hour day.
Noah and MeiLi they are doing an ultra marathon in November about 50 racers. I’m sure we can find it on TV .. it will be the same hike we are doing they are going to try to do it in 5 days. Up and down I think..I want to watch it with both of you!!  We met part of the film crew that are planning it out.
Just found out after base camp we go on an early morning hike to an amazing view-point and it takes us higher than base camp
Base camp is 17,600
And the view-point is at over 18,200 feet. We leave at 3 am that day.
It weird to see snow and trek in a tee shirt—- but I’m sure that’s coming to an end as the weather gets colder and we get higher.
The sun is extremely bright.. I have to wear sunglasses all the time.
As far as losing weight that’s not happening— they feed us a ton and make us eat for energy but I eat more here then at home. But no meat because lack of refrigeration.
Noah and MeiLi thinking about you guys
Susan love you
Noah miss you glad the test went good
Evelyn have fun at camp I miss you

Thank you Marissa for all the hard work
Michael thank you for all the post
Many people are watching and Instagram so please keep it up.
Thank you!!!”
“Forgot to tell you Zoe and I tied today !! Sorry it was too close to call on a light day adjustment day”


Team Noah 2 Team Zoe 2

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