Day 7 Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

A drawing by Noah. He even added the Google Maps logo!

The excitement is building for all of us watching so I can only imagine how Curt and Zoe must be feeling. Yesterday was such a wonderful day corresponding with Noah and MeiLi, they too are also getting incredibly excited. They each drew pictures for Curt and Zoe. MeiLi spent the day Googling images of Mount Everest. The day got even better here on this side of the world when the local TV station went to their home to do a news story about them. We’re all happy to report that the story aired on 2 different news (Fox 11 and KOLD 13) channels. The kids did an amazing job! Noah looked dashing, MeiLi was gorgeous and incredibly cute. If you’re interested in reading or watching the news story the link is below.

MeiLi Googling images of Mount Everest

Curt and Zoe were super excited that they were able to get some cell service once they reached the little town of Lobuche because it gave them the opportunity to video chat with Noah and MeiLi. Zoe and the girls have now taken to writing journal entries. Curt has vowed to write more but in text form on his phone. I’m proud to say that indeed he wrote more! In true Curt fashion I will share his recap below because he shares some interesting things and in all honesty, I can’t think of better way to explain how the toilets in the Himalayas operate better than Curt does.

I almost forgot to tell you that Curt had a birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CURT!


2-chukhung-to-kala-patarDingboche to Lobuche


Trekking distance: 12km (6-7 hours)

From this point onward the trek will gradually become more challenging due to the higher altitude. The group will pass Dungla after a tough, steep walk to the top of a high hill. Here are the memorial stupas dedicated to the climbers and trekkers who lost their lives to Everest over the years. The next part of their journey will take them over some craggy mountain terrain to Lobuche, a small settlement with views of Mt. Lobuche, Mt. Pumari and the Nuptse. The group is now nearly 3 miles above sea level!

I now present an update from Curt.



“Just got cell service back we are in Lobuche at 16,170 feet. Tomorrow we go to another town for lunch and check into tea house and then off to base camp that afternoon and back to hotel Long long day tomorrow.”

“I have very limited and min internet. Did you get Day 6 recap?”

“On day 6 I was able to do a video call with Lisa and the entire family!! It was great for Zoe and I to visit with them all!! Noah told me the warriors won the NBA championship!! Love it!!”

“In 3 days I will be able to video call everybody. When we are back in Namche!! Which is by far the nicest town on the trail!!”

“At the end of day 6 I told a room of about 15 people my only birthday wish was for clear skies .  Melwaina Woke us all up at 5:20 am with over excitement because we had clear skies !! Happy birthday to me!! Everyone was shocked.. I opened my birthday card from my GREAT wife Sue !!! Loved it— then Zoe made me a bracelet last night and gave to me with a cliff bar and a postcard and a great letter on back— then the room at breakfast sang me happy birthday.”

“Then we did our trek”

“On a scale of 1-10 it was a 4 for me and Zoe it was a 4. The hills were not too bad and Zoe and I are adjusting to the altitude great.. so far so good.!!”

“It was much colder today and I could see tiny snow flakes against Zoe black pants but super tiny flakes. Tomorrow I will have to dress a little warmer.”

“About 2/3 up today we came to a memorial of a lot of the climbers that have lost their lives on Everest.. you very fast realize the among the beauty of the Himalayan mountains and Mt Everest comes great risk.. to all those people you have lost their lives RIP…”

“Ok I’m going to write more 🙂
Zoe and the girls have taken up journaling  and I will just text:)
Some interesting things
The toilets up here don’t have a flush — so they have a huge barrel of water in the bathroom and you take a pitcher of water out of it and put it into the toilet to flush.. kind of weird—
The yaks which are like short long-haired cows with horns are fun to watch and we see about 20 a day. They leave us alone and we leave them alone:)
The rooms have no heat— so big blanket and our sleeping bags keep us warm at night—
Our guide won’t let us shower for fear of catching a cold— which happens a lot at this high
So we wipe down with baby wipes.
Zoe puts baby powder in her hair to take the oil out of it. Kind of strange.
Red Bull from Thailand is what’s here and taste great!
Better than ours
Snickers are sold every where.”

“Today I felt great and Zoe said I was the stronger one today!!:) Yeah team Noah!! I did feel great today!!:)) Tomorrow is the day!!!”

“Hard to believe we have been doing this for a full week!!”

“My birthday wish came true!! Clear skies— Amadublam mountain — the most technically mountain to climb in the Himalayan mountains. Yes, harder than Everest.”


Team Noah 3 Team MeiLi 2

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