Day 9 Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

c3766033-fa1c-4955-a8ac-efcf79cc9b83We finally received some pictures to share! The day before the group was to reach base camp Noah and MeiLi spent lots of time researching Mount Everest and drawing amazing pictures. Later on that evening MeiLi messaged Curt to ask him if he needed to use a rope? More than 48 hours later when cell coverage was available Curt responded that he did not need to use a rope. a3f3ebec-e736-45f5-af2d-3925428253ed

After taking the night to think about Day 8 (base camp day) Curt and Zoe determined that Curt had won so the score for DAY 8 ended in Team Noah 4 Team MeiLi 3. 46415155-9968-4211-a678-bd4f9c5686c5

584de395-f21d-4562-b358-8a8b77bad54464674733-95f4-4f45-bba8-93bac3ff0b55Gorekshep to Kalapathar and Pheriche

Altitude: 18,192ft (Kalapathar) 14,173ft (Pheriche)

Trekking distance: 13km (6 hours)everest-base-camp-trek-map

The group will wake before dawn to trek towards Kalapathar (which means “black rock”) for a fiery sunrise over Mt. Everest. Afterwards, it’s back to Gorekshep for breakfast and down in the direction of Pheriche for the night. 381366c5-2b74-4d2b-a786-5c70947d508b

“We all got up at 3 am to hike to this amazing view spot. I was the look-out so I woke up to see if the skies were clear and if I could see any stars and I could!! So we all woke up and headed out. We were on the trail at 3:30 am in the dark with head lamps on. It was very very hard, a 10- out of 10!! But it was clear, no clouds blocking the mountains or Everest!! I didn’t realize how in the middle of all the amazing peaks we were at until today!! It took just over two hours to reach the top!! Many times Zoe and I both were not sure if we were going to make it. Angie in our group had to turn back.”

“We hiked to 18,315 ft.”

“Base camp is at 17,600 ft.”

“After taking some amazing photos and being in just awe of the natural beauty we headed down.”

“We got down ate breakfast and the headed out to Pheriche. Today was a LONG day.”

“3:00 am to 4:30 pm”

“22.5 km”

“Zoe’s phone read over 40,000 steps today. Needless to say we are a little tired . I didn’t sleep last night which resulted in me being on the slow side today. Zoe was a beast going up the mountain to the view-point this morning. So yes she kicked my butt today.”

“I should be able to video call tomorrow too!!”

“Tomorrow is a 5 hour day and the next day is our final hike day down and it’s long 19km trek down.”

“I’m so happy channel 13 picked up the story. Needless to say Zoe is asleep and I’m right behind her. I will try calling tomorrow!!”

“And tomorrow I can download all the photos you have sent!! Thank you MeiLi and Noah!!”

“Zoe won today”

Team Noah 4 Team MeiLi 3cded976d-4b44-42cc-8c8d-57f44d0d0327


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