Day 10 Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

A few weeks before setting out on his trip Curt told me about a movie he watched on Netflix called The Climb. He raved about how good it was. He probably gave me an incredible movie review but all I remember was that movie was about love. It was a story about a man who climbed Mount Everest to impress the woman he loved. Jennifer and I listened to him give his recommendation about the flick but upon hearing of the man setting out to do it for LOVE, we both immediately burst out laughing.  We both made jokes about how that kind of love doesn’t exist and she said “Where can I find a man like that!?”.

With last night’s television options being dismal to non-existent, I watched The Climb. To my surprise there were many lessons to be learned in this movie. The love story part of it made me smile. Without any climbing experience whatsoever the young Senegalese-French man sets out to climb the world’s tallest mountain for love. What was even more exciting was that this film was filmed along the same trail that Curt and Zoe trekked to get to base camp. The movie gave wonderful perspective and more insight to all the places we saw in the pictures that Curt and Zoe sent to us.

It’s on Netflix and I too recommend this movie!

21f33912-3f23-457a-9aa6-53bfb822ccf0Pheriche to Namche

Altitude: 11,284ft

Trekking distance: 7-8 hours

The days trek will mostly be downhill but it will counterintuitively, require an hour scaling a hill. They should arrive in Namche by late afternoon for a night of rest before their last day on the mountain.9884acbc-0bca-4b6f-894e-41662046994585859ae2-4738-4a18-bac2-ef679eace643

Day 10-before trek

“It’s 5:45 am here and the barker my dogs woke me up:). There are a lot of stray dogs and they are so nice but you can’t pet them because they might get you sick..  Melwina can’t help herself and she does.. yesterday day we had a dog follow us for about an hour”
“I’m looking forward today, 10 today because it puts us back into the best town on the trip Namche. It will be a 5 hour trek up and down hills today. Unfortunately the clouds are back today. I did get some sleep last night. Zoe’s still asleep.  Her alarm just went off.”
“One of the things that gets old is packing and repacking. You pack your big bag that the porters carry and then you back your day -pack. Every day it’s different based on weather. Seems like we do a lot and lot of packing:)). ”
“Yesterday we trekked through a field — meadow area that felt like Ireland — tons of Yaks grazing and lots of baby yaks playing — the girls said it reminded them of lord of the rings— little stone houses and just tall cliffs everywhere—the terrain changes so quick up here. We are below the tree line again so oxygen is better!!”
“The hike yesterday morning was a 10 for 4 reasons — it was super cold- it was super steep – it was dark for a lot of it— and there was a huge lack of oxygen:))”

“But the rest of the day was like 1 to a 4
So the entire day was probably a 6
Maybe a 7.”
“I am sore this morning!!:))
Wow being 48 is tough!!! Zoe being 20 has it made:))
Noah and MeiLi, I love the messages from you thank you!!”
“I’m so happy we didn’t need ropes because caring one more thing would hurt…we love our team: Prakash our guide is so funny! If you leave your backpack alone he will stick rocks in it as a joke— he’s a big jokester— funny guy!! When you stop and take the rocks out your pack is much lighter:))”
“Mani (money we call him:)) is alway smiling!! Laughing all the time, he hikes in Gucci looking tennis shoe loafers
Not hiking shoes— he hiked 2 days in flip-flops carrying our big bags, crazy!!”
“Then Sagar ( we call him cigar)
Always  has a smile, super sweet, super fast and strong.  Leads us 90% of the time.  The team speaks in their native language and they laugh and giggle all the time. It makes our trek a lot more enjoyable!! They are training to become guides.
Ok time to pack and go eat breakfast— I think I gained weight on this trip we eat sooo much for energy.
Misss you all!!”

Day 10 recap

“We made it back to our favorite town of Namche!! Love this town.
Today started off at 6 am wake up and re-pack. We had breakfast at 7 am. Our porters practice their guide abilities and gave us our daily schedule.  We opted to not stop for lunch but and instead motor all the way into Namche. The start of the trek was more up hill than expected. Hiking uphill to the Buddhist monastery was tough but do able.. our strength has definitely improved. We have acclimatized to the higher elevation ( but much lower than base camp). We can feel the difference sooooo much.”
“We feel sooo much better now that we are at a lower elevation. Still at a high elevation but nothing like before.”
“After the monastery we hiked down along for awhile to this huge suspension bridge, same as we did before— then, like every time — when you hike down to a river you must hike up to get over the ridge.. and this hike up was TOUGH! It took us about 30 min of hard-core hiking. I remember on day 3, Zoe said “This is going to suck when we have to climb this on the way back”— guess what it did suck:)) but we did it! We really didn’t have an option. Then once at the top it took another 1 hour and 30 min mostly down hill to reach town!! We met up with our Toronto friends and our friend David that we met yesterday from England who lives in Bangkok, super funny guy. We also met up with Shiva from India — who we have adopted as one of our teammates even though he has his own guide and doesn’t hike with us. We always search for him at the towns along the way— super nice guy with a huge heart.”
“We got to town at 1:45 and then went shopping a little. We went to the bakery and hung out with the above group. We had coffee and shared lots of laughs. Everyone here loves the story of Noah and MeiLi— you’re famous along the trail now!! Half way around the world.”
“I forgot to tell you that 2 days ago we met a group from Qatar, a father, his 14-year-old daughter and the father’s friend. They loved your story sooo much that he wants to help. He is going to make a donation when I send him the info after he gets back home. His daughter was so nice and sweet. The dad is from India but lived in Toronto where his daughter was born. They have lived the last 7 years in Qatar. Her goal is to go to Stanford law school.”
“Ok sorry had to tell you this:))
So, tonight the girls are all taking showers— which I think might be the first shower Angie and Malwina  have taken:)) I know I have taken the most showers of the group.”
“We are going to eat at 7 pm then go and meet the group and have a congratulations drink !! Only one!!
Because we get up tomorrow and hit the trail for our last long hike day. We are doing Namche to Lukla (where the airport is) our last trekking day.. Yes, I am sad but so incredibly happy that we did it!!
Not just Zoe and I but you MeiLi and Noah, your entire family, my wife Susan for supporting us along this journey,  Noah my son for stepping up and helping my daughter Evelyn, for
Marissa’s great blog and writing!!,
Michael for his help with all the behind the scene work, for Alejandro-our great film editor, channel 13 news for picking up the story and for all the friends, family and everyone who has donated to this great cause to help Noah and MeiLi’s family along the fight!!”
“Tomorrow is our last hiking day but not the last post
I will keep posting until my feet hit the ground in Tucson!
Again, thank you all
The end of day 10
Ps, I know you want to winner today!! Zoe kicked my but today!! She was so fast up the hills— my 48-year-old legs and lungs couldn’t keep up with her!!
So I know someone has been keeping score can you tell me?? Are we tied or am I loosing? Let me know.”

Team Noah 4 Team MeiLi 4

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