Day 11 Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

My coworker Michael and I are the point of contact between Curt and the office while he is away. Michael has been setting up all the behind the scene stuff like arranging the interview with the news stations, giving direction to Alejandro the film editor, making calls and sending emails for various projects connected with the Noah and MeiLi fundraising campaign. In conjunction to his regular job responsibilities he still manages to remember important details like the fact that Noah is a HUGE Golden State Warrior fan. Thank you Michael!

I’ve had a fascination with Everest ever since I was girl like MeiLi. When her mother Lisa told me that MeiLi had been Googling images of Mount Everest earlier in the week it made me so excited because I could relate to how MeiLi was feeling in that moment. I shared a YouTube video of a boy named Jordan Romero who summoned Mount Everest at the age of 13. He reminded me of Noah and MeiLi. Lisa messaged me back to say “That YouTube of the boy climbing WOW!”. I was happy to hear that they enjoyed it.

The YouTube video below is a 2 minute version of Jordan Romero’s story.

I want Noah and MeiLi to know that they are not only inspirations to Curt and Zoe, they are inspirations to many people from all over the world including the new friends that were made along the trek to base camp. Noah and MeiLi, below are just some of the people who’ve read your story in the past couple of days. I’m certain that many of those readers are like me and they tell others about how amazing you are and what inspiration you give. The seed has been planted and it will continue to grow and grow.

Now let’s see where Curt and Zoe are now.

Namche to Phakding and Lukla

Altitude: 9184ft

Trekking distance: 16km (8-9 hours)

After breakfast, the group will trek toward the Hillary Suspension Bridge and then pass through several local villages before arriving in Lukla. This is to be their last night on the mountain.

Day 11

“Last day of hiking”

“We are getting ready to start the day.. .I’m not going to lie…today is the toughest day to get moving.”

“I drew my first blood. My pinky toe nail cut my other toe a little-never thought the first blood would be caused by my pinky toe.”

“I’m so sore. My ribs are killing me from breathing so hard the last week and my legs are sore. I feel all 48 years right now:). It rained most of the night and is still raining now.”

“We have an 8 to 9 hour day today. Ouch! We hike from Namche to Lukla.”

“Zoe is moving slow today too.”

“Well time to re-pack and get ready!!”

“Noah and MeiLi, it’s days like today you give us strength to keep pushing!!”

Hours later we received the following update:

“We made it!!! End of the trek!”

“Minor issue – No flights have taken off from Lukla in 2 days”

“Day 11 recap: Wow we did it!!”

“Today was harder than expected.”

“We just finished trekking Namche to Lukla in one day. It took 2 days up! I forgot how much up and down it was. It was a lot of both today. We woke up at 6 am then had breakfast at 7:00 and hit the trek at 8 am . Arrived at Lukla at 4:30 pm. Had our final dinner with the team. Gave gifts and tips. Love our crew!!” 

“We are going out to meet with some great people tonight. One guy is going to summit Everest in 2 to 3 years and has already done some major climbs!!”

“As we end our trek, Noah, I’m sorry to say that Zoe was much stronger today. My 48-year-old body was hurting, so Zoe got the win today.”

“I’ll write more tomorrow.”

“No flights have been let out of Lukla in the last 2 days because of weather.”

Team Noah 4 Team MeiLi 5

My view from the window this morning.


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