Day 12 Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

The plan was to hop a flight in Lukla the day after arriving from their trek. Then fly from Lukla to Kathmandu but the weather has been hazardous and for a third consecutive day, no flights were permitted out of Lukla.

Have I mentioned that the airport in Lukla is the most dangerous in the world? Curt and I knew this prior to him going on the trip but it was something we kept quiet as to not worry others. Although MeiLi perhaps through all her research learned this fact quickly and became concerned about Curt and Zoe.

Lukla’s elevation is nearly 9,500 feet, the runway is only 500 meters long with a 12 degree slope and there is no radar to assist airplanes with landing. One end of the runway abuts a cliff with a 2,000 foot drop off. The other end of the runaway is a solid stone wall. There are no second chances. The plane either lands, or it hits a wall or drops off a cliff.

To get a more in-depth idea of the world’s most dangerous airport, watch the 6 minute video below.

I’ll leave you with this question to think about before we move onto Curt’s update. Would you set out on an adventure if you knew what the outcome would be?

Day 12

Lukla to Kathmandu

Flight time: approximately 40 minutes

Curt: The weather looks good and I think we are going to make our flight.

Lisa: Woot! Yeah for getting a flight! Safe travels! That airport looks amazing. Let me know how it is flying out of there!!! Flying off a cliff! Try to get video if you can!!!

Zoe: Not sure how the weather looks anymore4c6da594-3ec0-4797-9063-2cc628d4ca5fCurt: Crap! First flight got cancelled. 

Curt: Looking into helicopter ride. 

Curt: All flights for today got cancelled.

Curt: Clouds!! Hate them :))cc50fd73-cd31-40df-886c-51123b968ff4MeiLi: This is MeiLi, I hope Zoe and Curt are okay and I heard mom told me you are stuck in mountain. I want you are safe in mountain.

Curt: We opted to pay for the helicopterca05ee97-3b09-4f7c-8c52-a3cf4b1a2825Curt: Hi MeiLi, we got out of Lukla. The airport closed because of bad weather but we paid extra and took a helicopter to Kathmandu. Thank you for asking. 

Day 12

“Yesterday was day 12”

“Woke up to catch flight and the airport was fogged in so no flights out of Lukla.”

“This was the 3rd day of no flights so the only option was to pay for a helicopter. We decided to do that. It cost us $1000 US dollars but we got $300 back for our plane ticket. So $700 total for Zoe and I.”

“Zoe and I decided to do that in order for us to get to Kathmandu but it required a 1 hour 30 min hike downhill to the chopper pad.”

“We all slipped on the mud many times but it turned out to be a smart move because it’s day 13 and all flights were cancelled again. GLAD we took it yesterday.”


“Got to Kathmandu. Zoe and I met up with our friends. Had a blast in Kathmandu with them. Took nice hot showers”

“Had great dinner -It was great!!”

“So glad we are out of Lukla and made it here. Warm and lots of things to do and see and most of all spending time with new friends!!”

“MeiLi don’t worry we are all good now!! :)”

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