Day 15 Noah and MeiLi’s Trek to Everest

“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” ~ Noah’s tee-shirt

Even though Curt and Zoe are leaving Kathmandu; moving onto Dubai as they begin to work their way back home, the support for Noah and MeiLi will not stop. The behind the scenes work will carry on and in addition to that, our fundraising campaign to assist this wonderful family will continue for another 30 days once they get back into town. I truly hope that you’ve been lucky enough to not have had to experience the struggles of incurring medical expenses due to illness. If you have, then I think you can imagine how difficult it would be to not just have 1 but 2 children with either ongoing or lingering medical expenses.

With huge smiles on their faces the family continues to embrace each new day with hope. In the same way that Lisa and her husband moved the 6 of them into a 2 bedroom townhouse they continue to downsize and do without many things just to keep moving forward. Things that one might deem necessary have had to be reconsidered and gone without in order to survive. Even when the family is stuck between a rock and hard place, they smile.

You can make contributions using the following link: .

If you can’t give, but still want to support our cause, please share our page with your friends, family members and coworkers. With more people aware of our cause, we’ll be one step closer to reaching our goal. 


Without further ado I present an update directly from Curt.

Day 15

“We started the day in Kathmandu with our friends from Qatar. When Zoe decided to come down to eat she got trapped in her room by monkeys at the resort:)). She was so scared:)). Eventually the monkeys left and she was able to join us. We joined Rohit and crew to eat breakfast then the rest of our friends showed up!! Angie and Malwina!! Yes! Our team was reunited for a good-bye!! Had great time with everyone!!”
“Zoe and I had to say good-bye then it was off to the airport to Dubai!! We left the hotel at 12:30 but our flight didn’t leave until 4:40. We landed in Dubai at 7:10pm. We jumped in a taxi then headed off to Madinat Jumeirah resort. A friend we met on the trek recommend it.”

“Wow what a city!! The resort is huge and amazing. We ate at a casual place. I had a huge hamburger:)).”
“Then it was off to bed because we were so tired from the flight. The room is great!!
“Tomorrow will be spent in Dubai!!”

“Then off the next day to the states.”

“It was sad saying goodbye to great friends. What great people we have met!”

“Noah and MeiLi they all love your story and they’re all so happy to learn about you!”
“Zoe and I miss everyone!!”

Congratulations Zoe and Curt! You got to base camp and back! You are awesome!
Drive to the airport
The drive to the airport was rough.
funny sign!

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