Day 17 Noah and MeiLi’s Trip to Everest

329295df-f0de-498b-b3f0-e980e90c5c18“We woke up in Dubai at 5 am then flew 14 hours from Dubai to Seattle. I watched 4 movies on the plane. No sleep but that’s ok.”

“I’m going to stay up and have dinner with David Lye my grade school friend that I grew up with. I have a layover in Seattle and fly out tomorrow back to Tucson.”

“Just said goodbye to Zoe. She is off to Dallas now.”

“What a great trip we have had.”

” Noah and MeiLi, love the video and letter.”

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Curt landed in Tucson shortly after 10:30am Friday morning. Since we missed his birthday while he was away, we had a birthday cake waiting to greet him upon his arrival to the office. Many of us thought that he would make a quick appearance to check on things.

I carried in the ridiculously heavy birthday cake into the office and set it down. Knowing that it would be a disaster waiting to happen if I attempted to climb atop a swiveling office chair wearing a skirt, I kindly asked Michael to hang the “Happy Birthday” banner and Himalayan prayer flags. As Michael hung decorations our beloved Karen fetched some cake plates, forks and napkins. In true prankster style that is Karen she typed up and printed a sign that hung on the main door giving notice that the team had already moved to the new office location. She hoped to prank Curt even before he actually stepped foot inside.

Pranks, decorations and celebratory cake were all on standby waiting for their moment to take the stage. As we all worked feverishly on our individual work tasks each of us were mindful of the time on the clock. Michael passed to and fro with moving boxes, Karen made calls to various contractors for ETAs and I quickly shuffled back and forth in the hall between my desk and copier to see if the copy machine was in a mood to cooperate with all of us desperately in need of its services.

In the midst of one of my passes down the hall Karen announced “It’s after 10:30! Curt should be touching down any moment!”.  Like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to arrive, we worked and waited and waited some more. After a couple of hours Curtis paid a visit to my office. I had purchased a full sheet cake complete with 2 lbs of cheesecake filling and I was determined to not let the cake go to waste. In the event that Curt elected to not visit the office, I asked “the other Curt” if he would stand in for “our” Curt so that we could sing Happy Birthday in order to share the cake with the rest of the office. As I suspected he happily obliged.

2 hours later….

Curtis (Curt’s stand in), Crystal, Igor, Karen, Steven, Michael, me

Approximately 5 hours later the real Curt finally responded.

IMG_1147IMG_1144We’re all so happy to have befriended Noah, MeiLi and their wonderful family. The Noah and Meili’s Trek to Everest Go Fund Me campaign will continue for another 30 days but the bond with them is forever. There are many exciting things still to come. Curt and Zoe are going to visit with Noah and MeiLi. There’s all that wonderful GoPro footage that Curt has captured and I’m sure the kids have a ton of questions about the experience.

Now that Curt and Zoe have returned back to the states, this will be the last daily blog post for chronicling the trip to Everest base camp but there will be more blog posts covering upcoming campaign interviews, events and updates.

Thank you Michael for helping me to work on this each day. Thank you Igor for popping into my office and in your wonderful Ukrainian accent asking “What’s the latest on Curt?!”. Thank you to Curt and Zoe for being exceptional human beings. Thank you to Curtis for helping with various questions, reading Everest maps and being Curt’s stand in. Thank you to the rest of the team for showing up to work each day and doing what you needed to do.

Most importantly, a HUGE THANK YOU to Noah and MeiLi for letting us be apart of your lives.

You can make contributions using the following link: .

If you can’t give, but still want to support our cause, please share our page with your friends, family members and coworkers. With more people aware of our cause, we’ll be one step closer to reaching our goal. 


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