Paris Day 1: Lost Luggage and Crepes

Charles De Gualle Airport Paris France

The plane departed from Newark just after 6:30 pm and arrived in Paris just after 7 am. Although I was extremely tired it turned out to be a sleepless night for me on the airplane. Nonetheless I was still elated to be in Paris!IMG_1346

After nearly walking into the men’s toilette for a pit stop I finally had my passport stamped with fresh ink for France and then made it to the luggage carousel to retrieve my suitcase.

I waited at the luggage carousel until there were just a handful of us from the flight watching the same suitcase wrapped in red plastic go round and round. The red plastic wrapped suitcase stood out like a sore thumb and still somehow it appeared that its owner still managed to miss it.

My suitcase never arrived. It appeared that there was some sort of mix up that caused some luggage including mine to remain in Newark. At that point I wanted nothing more than a nice shower and comfy bed after landing but check in was not going to be until the afternoon so I needed to kill some time.IMG_1352

The hotel is located in district 5 which means that there are lots within walking distance to see. After a lunch that consisted of a cheese, mushroom and tomato filled crepe I was off to see Notre Dame, River Seine, various shops and quaint Parisian streets.

I was checked into the hotel by 2:10. I was showered and in bed for what I thought would be a nap by 3 pm. I slept until 4 am! I felt rested so I stayed up for a little while before going back to bed for a couple more hours.

Paris is still as beautiful as I remembered!

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