Paris Day 4: Pizza, Peroni and Disneyland Paris

IMG_1722I forgot to mention that yesterday’s lunch at Versailles was nearly impossible to eat. I ordered a brie sandwich but the crust on the baguette was as tough as could be! It was quite funny watching everyone play tug of war with their lunch. After consuming about a third of my sandwich I called it quits and gave it to the trash can which made me hungry for dinner later on that night.IMG_1710

The sun sets so late in Paris this time of year. It doesn’t set until almost 10 pm. I woke from a late nap at around 8:30 pm to the sounds of a big band playing outside the hotel room window. The sound of revelers applauding made me excited. I decided that I didn’t want to sleep my life away. I needed to get out there and live! I was in Paris!IMG_1707


The vibe was electric. Lots of people out dinning, various performers playing live music and women dressed beautifully going out on dates. I did some souvenir shopping and even saw a tiny bar airing the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game on the tv.

At nearly midnight, I finally sat down to have dinner in a tiny Italian place on a narrow Parisian street. Believe it or not plenty of restaurants were still open at that hour. The selection of places to dine was nearly overwhelming. Thankfully a waiter helped me with choosing where to eat. He smiled as he pulled out a chair at a table in his restaurant and motioned to have a seat. I ordered a Peroni and pizza Margherita. Both were satisfying and delicious.


The morning after…

Disneyland Paris Day- I was up before the alarm went off and got ready ahead of schedule. I even made it to the train station in advance. I stood at the platform ticket in hand and waited for the train. After a few minutes I noticed an alarming number of commuters all waiting for the same train. As if the regular commuters traveling to work and tourists weren’t enough, people dressed in costumes headed for a comic con added to the mix.

There were so many trains listed on the monitor that hung overhead that it started to make me feel confused. I looked for my French friend, the subway attendant with a red stripe in his beard that saved me from getting on the wrong train to Versailles the day before. As suspected I was on the wrong platform. He kindly instructed me to go down two more levels in order to get to the correct place.

Finally at the correct platform the train arrived shortly after. The doors to the train opened as the air from the brakes released. The train was gasping for air just like the crowded passengers were. Already bursting at the seams with passengers inside there was still a frenzy of passengers including myself trying to get on.IMG_1538

Only a handful of people were able to get on the train. I was not one of them nor did I want to attempt to be. I vividly imagined myself getting squashed by the doors as the buzzer sounded. I decided to leave that station and walk to my connection.

Disneyland Paris is about an hour out of the city by train through the suburbs and in what seemed to me like a countryside because it’s where wildflowers were in bloom. For a city girl from the desert that rarely sees flowers this was the countryside. 😁IMG_1760

Disneyland Paris was very much like the Disney parks in the US with minor variations. Instead of churros, vending carts sold crepes. Instead of Mickey ice cream bars they sold Magnum brand ice cream bars none of which were the shape of a mouse.

One of the Disney highlights for me was the Star Tours ride. C3PO narrated in French with a burnt out eye. It was especially humorous when he referred to his counter part as R deux D deux.

It was a very very long day.

I made it back to the RER A line train stop nearest to my hotel and walked the remaining 15 minutes to my home for the night. The city seemed to celebrating something once again. Perhaps tonight it was France’s win against Uruguay.IMG_1767

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