One Girl Four Mics

I enjoy blogging but something I enjoy more than blogging is meeting new people, making new friends and hearing their stories. From this blog alone I’ve made friends from all over the world which I wouldn’t have done if it had not been for blogging. There are so many amazing bloggers that have lots to say about a variety of topics. I’ve learned so much from reading their blogs. I’ve learned so much about different countries and cultures through my communication with the friends I’ve made. The internet has made the world smaller by bringing people closer via technology.

Along with the help of some friends I’m happy to say that I’m launching a podcast. My reason for starting a podcast is due to the simple fact that it is fun. Recording our podcast is a way for us to pencil some time out from our busy schedules to just talk, laugh and learn new things such as pheromone cologne. That’s right, I learned that there are colognes that contain pheromones that are supposed to attract women during the recording of the first episode of our podcast.

If you’ve ever considered starting your own podcast then I recommend that you should! It’s another way for you to creatively express yourself. If you struggle with new topics to blog about then naturally you’ll have some as a result of your podcast. If you decide to start a podcast or if you have one already then please let me know where I can listen to it. I’d love to listen!

If you’d like to listen to my podcast then you can click on the link below to give it a whirl!

One Girl Four Mics

By One Girl Four Mics
It’s easy to find humor in the happenings of everyday life. Each week three men and a lady share their humorous adventures of everyday life. They make humor of the mundane and even answer requests for advice. Sometimes raising eyebrows, every now and then throwing shade but always having a good time. Email us at for advice, questions or comments then tune to hear our responses!

Episode 1 – San Diego Bachelor Party…

In this episode Igor finally fills us in on the details of the San Diego bachelor party he organized. The Ukrainian Train shares his favorite grooming tip. Grant and Marissa inquire about the “one that got away” from Igor. We learn that if the stars align to make it possible then Grant and Lisa Frank may cross paths again. We attempt to understand how Grant morphed into an anime character and we answer a seeking advice email about a proposal gone wrong.—San-Diego-Bachelor-Party–Lisa-Frank–Anime-Grant–Proposal-Gone-Wrong-e3f07r/a-aboicn


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  1. Congratulations and I hope it goes well! I listen to a podcast from your neck of the woods every now and then. It’s called Help Wanted – look it up. Those girls make me laugh and conversation between them and with their guests is fascinating. I will have a listen to your new venture!


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