Was it just a dream?

For friends without borders

It didn’t seem too long ago that everything was possible.  Now, I’ve come to question my long held beliefs.  For now, happiness lives in dreams.

“A Pillow Of Winds”

A cloud of eider down
Draws around me softening the sound
Sleepy time when I lie
With my love by my side
And she’s breathing low
And the candle dies.
When night comes down you lock the door
The boot falls to the floor
As darkness falls the waves roll by
The seasons change
The wind is warm.
Now wakes the owl, now sleeps the swan
Behold a dream, the dream is gone
Green fields
A cold rain is falling
Near the golden dawn.
And deep beneath the ground
The early morning sounds and I go down
Sleepy time in my life
With my love by my side
And she’s breathing low
And I rise like a bird
In the haze…

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An Encounter With Joey Chou

I awoke early to visit the WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney District of Disneyland California. It's one of my favorite places to spend some time at to just browse what's on display at the ever changing exhibits.The gallery draws inspiration from Disney's deep-rooted storytelling-driven-heritage-especially the idea of stepping through the looking-glass, which the greatest of... Continue Reading →

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A Halloween Recap

As many did this Halloween I had to work a regular work day in costume. I didn't plan on meeting with any clients so I didn't think twice about dressing up. An hour into the work day my boss called to tell me that something came and up he wouldn't be able to attend our... Continue Reading →

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Dinosaurs At Dawn

Midnight or actually just after 12:17 am and I was finally ready to drive 475 miles to Anaheim. I set the trip meter and fastened my seatbelt. My first stop would be the gas station to fill up on fuel and drink a Red Bull. If I didn't make too many stops I could make... Continue Reading →

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Autumn In SoCal

I was in search of Autumn's crisp air and bright colors, since New England wasn't an option for a weekend trip I drove to SoCal (Southern California).  I arrived in Anaheim, California just after 8am after setting out at midnight the night before.  I wanted to have the entire day to search for the essence... Continue Reading →

And Today I Lost An Earring…

Sometimes life can feel like a rat race but if you're like me then when life does give you a chance to catch your breath you don't know what to do other than to fill the void with something. Every Monday for the past couple of months I leave the house at 7am and don't... Continue Reading →

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