The Journey Begins

It's just over 48 hours since Curt left en route to Nepal. It was dinner time on Sunday for me, Tuesday morning for him. He messaged today noting that he lost a day somewhere. The messages from him started coming in with plenty of updates filled with lots of excitement, compassion and enthusiasm. I'm going... Continue Reading →

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My Boss My Friend

  It seems like just the other day that I came to your office and interviewed for a "caller" position. The truth is that nearly 8 years have passed since then. Your job posting came to my ears through a friend, even though the job didn't sound very glamorous it sounded like the most bountiful... Continue Reading →

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Time Gone By

It's just before 7 pm on a Tuesday night as I sit patiently awaiting my niece's name to be called so she can walk the stage in recognition of  successfully completing middle school to move onto high school. A sideshow projected the images of 8th graders to show how they progressed through the school year.... Continue Reading →

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A Night at The Moxy

I spent the night in Phoenix last night to attend an event at the Wells Fargo Arena at Arizona State University. I stayed at a boutique type hotel that is part of the Marriott hotel chain called The Moxy. The Moxy is decorated in a retro style with lots of modern flair. I've really been... Continue Reading →

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