The chaos ensued on my drive into work via a group text message frenzy then the chaos carried over into my office. Marissa, I didn't have a black sport coat so I wore navy. Do you think he'll mind? Me: Nah, it's fine. It'll look black in the picture. (I'm always the optimist) A TIE!... Continue Reading →

Alaska iMovie

I made it home this afternoon just before 3  p.m. I had been traveling home from Anchorage, Alaska since 11:55 p.m. the night before. I had to drive the last 2 hours home and that was the hardest part as fatigue started to set in. I wanted to post something today so instead of using... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2017

I'm writing my final blog post just a few minutes before midnight which brings with it a dawn of a new year. I welcome 2018 with a smile and open arms. 2017 was a year full of internal struggles and challenges that at one point caused me to believe that 2017 would be the worse... Continue Reading →

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